Commercial property Malta: Lija 225sqm premises for rent - Ref No 1567
Office space Malta: Sliema 220sqm premises for rent - Ref No 1568
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Offices for rent in Malta: Sliema 160sqm premises - Ref No 1569
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Office to let Malta: Seafront brand new Sliema office - Ref No 1583
Malta office rental: Sliema seafront 400sqm premises - Ref No 1584
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Office to let Malta: Gzira brand new 550sqm property - Ref No 1588
Offices for rent in Malta: Sliema 244sqm premises to let - Ref No 1589

Welcome to, the leading website where one can find Malta offices to let and for sale. If you are in the hunt for quality offices in Malta, you have come to the right place. With over 30 years expertise in the local property market, we are well positioned to offer a first class service. is powered by Simon Mamo Real Estate, a name synonymous with the letting of residential and commercial property in Malta. We liase with all the major office buildings around the island who have entrusted us to market their offices for them. After all these years of operations this gave the company the advantage of having the best database of properties to select from with over 10,000 properties including 500 offices in Malta on their now fully computerized website that is updated in real time. All the company’s clients receive full attention through a very personalized service. With one visit with one of the sales team one can view a broad range of what the whole industry has to offer.

There is a healthy supply and demand for Malta office space so we thereby normally show our clients approximately 8 suitable properties on any visit to ensure our customers’ satisfaction. In fact, our clients include Microsoft; renowned international personalities from the film industry including members of the entourage of the block-buster movie Gladiator; the British High Commission; HSBC; England Football Star Gary Neville; Betsafe, Unibet, Betsson who have secured Malta offices through the company. One can chose from a range of Malta office space to let and for sale such as ground floor retails offices or a penthouse office. Besides, we also offer commercial leases such as shops, warehouses, showrooms, shopping malls, restaurants and bars.

At present the company is expanding to offer Malta offices for sale as well. We have been updating our database for several years before our entry into this market to ensure that we retain our company image of providing the best possible solutions to our customers in every sector. The sales team is being managed by Mr Jerome Mamo, who just joined the company after completing a Masters Degree in Marketing.

The objectives are to be among the top three Malta Real Estate Agencies by 2015. Having been at the forefront of the Malta letting industry for over 25 years, the company is in good stead to reach its sales objectives as well!

The cost of offices:

The cost of renting malta office space in Malta varies considerably depending on factors such as the current state of the property market, the condition of the properties finish, the building in which it is located and most importantly location. Brand new businesses would do well to get in touch with us and our experienced personnel who can guide you on whats best for you and your business in order to succeed depending on your specifications.

Offices to let/for sale – providing stability

The majority of businesses that occupy commercial property in Malta choose to rent rather than buy in their first years of operation and there are many reasons for this. One of the main reasons is the fact that rental offers flexibility particularly in office buildings whereby one can expand or reduce office space accordingly. Moreover, choosing Malta offices for rent means that you aren't usually directly responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the building, so opting for offices to let could save you your business money.

If you have not found what you are looking for on our site, do not think twice to call or send an email and our personnel will be waiting to guide you through the process.

Nowadays, both customers and the business community expect to find an organised office standing discreetly behind a business, trade or a profession. Often, there is the need of somebody to answer calls of clients such as a receptionist or a secretary. However, employing somebody for a few calls per day may not be feasible. Furthermore, renting premises can be very expensive, particularly in premium real estate areas, making it unfeasible for a start-up to find the cash for its own offices. For that is so important have a complete database with all the information of the properties and be easy to use it for the potential costumer.The  best it's a combination of direct client treatment and management easy for those in the database so you can easily find the kind of property you want or need.


Commercial Property is well sought after in Malta and if you’re looking to lease or purchase a commercial premises in a centrally built up area in Malta it is definitely recommended to seek advice from a professional real estate agent in Malta.We,Simon Mamo Real Estate are the best doing this.


We have designed this page as a guideline to make life easier for potential customers so they can instantly view properties based on specific property types that are mostly searched for and clicked on through our website. 


We have a very experienced team of letting associates that primarily work on Commercial property for rent in Malta whom specialise mainly in Office space for rent in Malta. Our database of office space ranges from small,medium and large sizes. Today’s standard finish includes all amenities such as air-conditioning, segregated bathrooms, gypsum walls and modern partitioning. There are many high-end office spaces available that boast state of the art technology already available so to make life easier for the Information Technology industry.


We are proud to have been in a position to assist various local and foreign corporate companies with their office purchase. Our experience in selling commercial office space in Malta is second to none and is an assurance that any company looking to purchase an office or seek land to develop an office will be taken care of professionally. We are also specialists in letting in Malta of residential apartments so feel free to contact us for a buisness partnership.

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