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If you are in the hunt for quality offices, the leading website for offices in malta to let and for sale. Officesinmalta.com is powered by Simon Mamo Real Estate, pioneers of the real estate industry in Malta for 30 years. We work with all office buildings landlords who have entrusted us to market their offices for them.

The cost of offices:

The cost of renting office space in Malta varies considerably depending on factors such as the current state of the property market, the condition of the properties finish, the building in which it is located and most importantly location.

Offices to let/for sale – providing stability

The majority of businesses that occupy commercial property in Malta choose to rent rather than buy in their first years of operation and there are many reasons for this. One of the main reasons is the fact that rental offers flexibility particularly in office buildings whereby one can expand or reduce office space accordingly. Moreover, choosing offices for rent in Malta means that you aren't usually directly responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the building, so opting for offices to let could save you your business money.  


Commission Rates

Simon Mamo Real Estate is a member of the Federation of Estate Agents (Malta), and conforms with all the rules and directives issued by the FEA. The FEA falls under the Real Estate Trade Section of the Malta Chamber of Commerce.

Hereunder are the commission rates payable to estate agents as set by the Federation of Estate agents:


  1. Sale of property under sole agency agreement:
    • 3.5% sale value + 18% VAT payable by vendor

  2. Sale of property not under sole agency agreement:
    • 5% sale value + 18% VAT payable by vendor.

  3. Commercial lets:
    • 10% of one years rent + 18% VAT payable by lessor, and
    • 10% of one years rent + 18% VAT payable by lessee
    • In case of premium, 5% of premium + 18% VAT payable by lessor

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